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The owners of Pinnacle Seating, Inc. have been in the seating industry since 1991. Their expertise in the automotive marketplaces is what “Raises the Quality Standards” for their seating designs and comfort.

Pinnacle Seating, Inc. was established to provide “true ergonomic” seating from the intensive use 24 hour 7 day a week to the executive of the business. From the industrial floor to the child in your home. Our focus has remained strong “Raise the Quality of Comfort and Standards” and provide specialty and office seating to the level where it should be.

During the past 20 years, more and more people have been sitting longer hours at workstations, desks, computer stations and several other area’s were long periods of sitting are required. This number is continuing to grow. Not only adults, but children find themselves sitting longer hours in “sub- standard” office seating. People have more and more back problems because of longer sit times in seating that does not provide the proper support and comfort. Our key goal at Pinnacle is to eliminate that problem by providing long sit seating at an affordable price.

The term “ergonomics” has been a loosely used word over the years, but “ergonomic seating” is exactly what we need. More and more well meaning companies have searched for seating that can abate the flood of postural injury only to find products that are too expensive or do not contain the requirements for the need at hand. Our design and manufacturing allow us to provide just the seating requirement you need along with a price that you can afford.

From the office chair (901) to the executive model (952) our seating contains the design and features that make our seating “ergonomic”. We only use the best foam, hardwood, steel frame construction, and mechanism’s that provide full ergonomic adjustments. But the key to our product is the design of the seating area itself.

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Pinnacle Seating Inc.

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